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  • Blue Skies Launch: 2012 Edition

    Blue Skies Launch: 2012 Edition

    Nicky Morgan MP and Pearson hosted a Blue Skies debate about the future of higher education on Tuesday, 11 September, 2012, with speakers including the Rt Hon David Willets MP, AC Grayling, Liam Burns and John Holmwood.

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  • Putting students first

    By David Willetts –  Across the world, more people aspire to higher education. It is a growth sector in mature economies and developing countries. The evidence on the benefits of higher  education is overwhelming: it is good for individuals, good for the economy and good for society. That list helps answer the question of how to pay for it. It has to be a mixed model in which the direct beneficiaries contribute but others do too. Here in the UK the Dearing report and […]

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  • Blue Skies Launch Event

    Blue Skies Launch Event

    The ‘standing-room-only‘ launch event for our publication, Blue Skies: New thinking about the future of higher education, took place on the morning of 23 May 2011 at our 80 Strand Office. Three authors from the publication, Universities Minister David Willetts, Rod Bristow of Pearson and Wendy Piatt of the Russell Group, gave short speeches and then took questions from the audience. Launch event photos are here and the videos of the speakers can be viewed below.   The launch event was originally […]

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  • Putting students at the heart of higher education

    Putting students at the heart of higher education

    By David Willetts – The UK Coalition Government immediately accepted the main thrust of Lord Browne’s independent review of higher education, when it was published last year, because it put students at the heart of a more dynamic system. In all the controversy surrounding the parliamentary votes, the student demonstrations and the raw politics, this has been forgotten too often. The review team had a clear overarching objective: “we are relying on student choice to drive up quality. Students will […]

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