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  • Learning for the future

    By Phil Race – It has long been recognised that learning happens by doing rather than by just being in the presence of someone more learned. For centuries, higher education educators’ roles centred on transmitting the content of precious books, articles and other resources in ways that learners could handle. Now, information is ubiquitous. Most learning resources are available to just about everyone online (often free) or through a plethora of information-handling channels. This necessitates transformed roles for educators, to […]

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  • Accessibility and autonomy in higher education

    Accessibility and autonomy in higher education

    By Sunaryo Kartadinata – Co-operation among Asia Pacific countries as manifested through Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has made Asia Pacific a powerfully open region in the economic, political, social and cultural arenas. In particular, the higher education sector has attracted special attention due to new found openness. The concentration of the world’s population (more than 60 per cent) in Asia has resulted in enormous potential for competition in and demand for higher education that should be responded to by diversifying […]

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