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  • A different horizon: higher education in South Africa

    A different horizon: higher education in South Africa

    By Fathima Dada – The latest available statistics from Higher Education South Africa (HESA) demonstrate that currently around 500,000 students are enrolled on a full-time basis at academic institutions across South Africa.  This includes full universities, comprehensive universities and universities of technology. Statistics from 2001 and 2009 respectively show a cumulative increase in enrolment, across these institutions, of around 140,000 (35 per cent), from a figure of 401,000 in 2001 to 541,000 in 2009. This figure does not include the […]

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  • The future of university rankings

    The future of university rankings

    By Phil Baty – Let us be frank. University rankings are crude. They simply cannot capture – let alone accurately measure – many of the things that matter most in higher education: how a great lecturer can transform the lives of their students for example, or how much free enquiry enhances our society. They can never be objective, because their indicators and methodologies are based on the subjective judgment of the compilers. At their worst, university rankings can impose uniformity […]

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  • Innovation in higher education

    Innovation in higher education

    By Geoff Mulgan and Mary Abdo – For universities around the world these are both exhilarating and troubling times. Enrolment in tertiary education has risen beyond any expectations, to some 150m[1] worldwide. A truly global industry has taken shape – with new technology enabling rapid collaboration and dissemination of ideas, and students increasingly matriculating at foreign institutions. Yet there is also disquiet. Much important knowledge creation takes place outside of higher education. Few institutions are rich or self-sustaining, and many […]

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  • The challenges facing the UK’s world-class universities and the importance of diversity

    The challenges facing the UK’s world-class universities and the importance of diversity

    By Wendy Piatt – The UK’s leading research-intensive universities are playing a critical role as the UK works and thinks its way back to sustainable economic growth. Our economic competitiveness is underpinned by a higher education system which is recognised internationally for the excellence of its research and educational provision. The UK’s research performance, and the attractiveness of the UK to overseas researchers, students, and inward investment, is in no small part because the UK is home to a significant […]

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