A plethora of video games have been released in the PC gaming industry in recent years, all competing for the attention and affection of players. Not every game, though, has been able to avoid the harsh scrutiny of players and critics. We delve into the most ridiculed PC games from 2020 to 2023. Despite the high expectations, players and the gaming community reacted negatively to these titles, mocking and criticizing them. Let’s examine what went wrong and the reasons these games came to be criticized and ridiculed.

Cyberpunk 2077: A Much-anticipated Letdown

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most eagerly awaited games of the decade. With its futuristic and dystopian setting and promise of an open-world gameplay, the game created a lot of buzz before its late 2020 release. But the reality was significantly less than anticipated.


Many problems, malfunctions, and performance difficulties plagued the game’s original release, particularly on last-generation platforms. Gamers experienced issues ranging from crashes that prevented them from finishing a game to inconsistent graphics. Due to the considerable derision and disappointment caused by these problems, CD Projekt Red decided to give refunds to unhappy clients.

Aside from technical issues, the story and character development of the game disappointed a lot of players. The lofty bar that CD Projekt Red’s last game, The Witcher 3, set was too much for Cyberpunk 2077 to meet. Consequently, the game turned into a popular subject for parodies in online groups and gaming forums.

A Fallout from High Hopes in Fallout 76

With much anticipation, Bethesda Game Studios’ Fallout 76 made its debut in the late 2018 game market. Fans anticipated a magnificent and captivating post-apocalyptic experience from this much-loved Fallout series online multiplayer expansion. Regrettably, the game appeared out of nowhere from the vault.

Fallout 76 had a lot of technical problems when it first came out, such as server failures, flaws that prevented the game from working, and a lot of graphical errors. The controversial decision to exclude non-player characters (NPCs) from a series that was renowned for its unforgettable NPCs was met with mockery.

The reaction was exacerbated by Bethesda’s introduction of Fallout 1st, a paid membership program. A lot of players thought the subscription was a breach of their trust and a money grab. As a result of these errors, Fallout 76 came to represent broken expectations and subpar production.

Marvel’s Avengers: A Miss and a Superhero Swing

The news of Marvel’s Avengers thrilled aficionados of the superhero genre. It was exciting to consider taking on the roles of well-known Marvel heroes like Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk. The game, which was created by Crystal Dynamics and released by Square Enix, was expected to be a huge hit.

However, the game was criticized in a number of ways when it was released in 2020. Many people complained that the gameplay was monotonous and that the opponent designs and objectives lacked creativity. Concerns were raised about the character models and visuals as well; several players thought they were unimpressive for a game of this level.

Furthermore, a lot of users felt badly about the game’s monetization strategy, which featured a battle pass system and a variety of microtransactions. The whole package fell short of capturing the enchantment of the Marvel Universe, which left the gaming community disappointed and subjected to a flurry of derisive memes.

Anthem: An Unfulfilled Fantasy

The online multiplayer shooter game Anthem, created by BioWare and released by Electronic Arts, was hailed as a revolution in the genre. Gamers were intrigued by the prospect of dynamic, jet-powered exosuits and an expansive, open universe. The imagined paradise was not at all what reality was like, though.

2019 saw the release of Anthem, a game beset by a long list of technical problems, a dull plot, and a drab mission design. The main gameplay mechanic of the game, which included donning “Javelins,” or exosuits, was a letdown. Players were further irritated by the missions’ monotonous structure and the dearth of endgame material.

The developers’ glaring lack of transparency about the game’s future was maybe the most appalling feature. Gamers lost interest in BioWare’s game quickly as a result of their silence on important concerns and their promises to improve it. In the gaming community, Anthem came to represent unrealized promise and lost chances.

Game Ratings Table

Game Title Pre-release Hype Rating Post-release Reality Rating
Cyberpunk 2077 9.5/10 6.5/10
Fallout 76 8.0/10 4.0/10
Marvel’s Avengers 8.5/10 5.0/10
Anthem 9.0/10 3.5/10

Final Reflections

It is important to bear in mind that the gaming business is an ever-changing and capricious domain. The most anticipated games may flop, and even the most renowned developers can make mistakes. Even the most ardent gamers want perfection, and they don’t hesitate to express their dissatisfaction when it doesn’t meet their standards.

In conclusion, both makers and gamers may learn a lot from the most parodied PC games of the 2020–2023 decade. They serve as a reminder that in the gaming industry, excellence, openness, and a dedication to keeping word are crucial. As we anticipate additional experiences and releases, let’s hope that these lessons result in better, more rewarding gameplay for everyone.

  1. Q: Why did Cyberpunk 2077 receive so much criticism after release?

    A: Cyberpunk 2077 faced criticism due to numerous bugs, performance issues, and a disparity between the marketed promise and the final product.

  2. Q: What were the main issues with Fallout 76?

    A: Fallout 76 was plagued by technical problems, server issues, and a controversial move to forgo NPCs, which did not resonate well with fans.

  3. Q: How did Marvel’s Avengers fail to live up to expectations?

    A: Marvel’s Avengers was criticized for monotonous gameplay, uninspired designs, and aggressive monetization tactics that detracted from the experience.

  4. Q: What led to the downfall of Anthem?

    A: Anthem suffered from technical glitches, a lackluster storyline, repetitive missions, and a lack of clear communication from the developers about its future.

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