Andy Ruiz (35-2, 22 KOs) of Mexico defeated Luis Ortiz of Cuba (33-3, 28 KOs) by unanimous decision. Luis was knocked out three times, but was able not only to avoid early loss, but also to give a competitive fight to his young challenger.

It will not be easy for the Mexican to claim the title.

Andy Ruiz knocked his opponent down three times. But Ortiz didn’t look bad at the same time, and he also took the rounds

Andy Ruiz had his previous fight more than a year ago. In May 2021 the Mexican returned after nearly two years break and came up against Chris Arreola. The fight was a hard one, with the veteran knocking him down, but failing to finish.

From round to round Andy was gathering pace and won confidently – by the judges’ decision, which should be no surprise to anyone. And then disappeared for over a year. That is, Ruiz was in infospace, but not boxing. He was looking for an opponent for a long time. They found Tyrone Spong, even announced a fight, but then everything changed and the fight was cancelled.

After a while the option against Luis Ortiz appeared, and then it was officially confirmed. Who is better, athletically speaking, now? I think Ortiz is the best. He’s generally a better boxer, and Spong has been having some health problems lately, and some strange losses to no less strange opponents from Russia in MMA.

Louis, of course, is considerably older. And Spong, and even more so, Ruiz. Andy is eleven years younger, but the Cuban is louder than the Dutchman in name and skill, so the choice is logical and quite correct. Before the fight, the Mexican said he was hunting for a knockout – he wanted to show he was still ready to box for the title and generally going after the loudest fights.

And from the second round onwards that’s how it went. If in the first round there was almost no action – more a test of distance and reflexes. But in the second round Ruiz and Ortiz went into exchanges. In one of them Andy was more accurate and tough. He missed in return, but he was hit so badly that when the Cuban got up it was clear that he was still badly enough.

Subsequently a second knockdown came as well, but nothing serious. Ortiz was still having trouble even moving, and as soon as the Mexican’s attack went in, he fell forward slightly. Nevertheless, another minus point and as much as 10-7 for the lost round in favour of the Mexican.

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