VeChain representatives announced the conclusion of a partnership agreement with the U.S. firm OrionOne Ink. The organization offers logistics solutions to companies across a variety of industries, including transportation, distribution, marketing, and manufacturing.

VeChain and VeChain Consulting will be introducing their open-source blockchain solution to the United States.The solution is for logistics industry and can help Americans improve their productivity and adopt more efficient methods of transactions.

Experts estimate that by 2027, the supply chain industry will reach nearly $42 billion and there are opportunities to take advantage of blockchain technology which could significantly impact this.

VeChain USA head, Jason Rockwood, warns that the biggest issue for widespread adoption could be the application layer. It connects different infrastructure platforms to specific business-related tasks

As business customers increasingly move away from paper and towards digital data collection, Dapper wants to be there for them. It will provide customers with a time-saving process for collecting information about resources that harm their environment.

VeChain’s new upcoming website update will be released on Aug. 15, 2022 with some of the best features that other companies in the market cannot match.

The VeChain foundation announced a big update on June 21, 2022. The huge increase in value just one week later on June 28 made VET shoot up to $0.02414.

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