South Korea’s Samsung Electronics has launched its new and largest chip production line. The new factory was opened in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, 70 km from Seoul.

Here’s what we know

Despite launching on September 7, the P3 line started operating back in mid-summer. Samsung began trial production of NAND memory in July. The new facility uses ASML lithography machines. It is a Dutch company that is essentially a monopolist in the market for extreme ultraviolet lithography equipment.

A Samsung Electronics representative attended the ceremony and stressed that the company will try to use the crisis in semiconductor products to develop. The manufacturer has five semiconductor plants in South Korea, three in China and one in the US. The company is also building a new plant in the US, in which it has invested $17 billion.

At the same campus where the P3 line is located, the manufacturer has already started building the P4 line. US President Joe Biden visited this plant in late spring 2022. During his visit, the White House leader stressed the importance of partnership and chip production for the US and South Korea.

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