Man United’s start to the season is putting Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at risk. They’re currently struggling and a humiliating defeat to Brentford leaves them well out of their domestic title challenge.

Cristiano Ronaldo, at 37 years old, does not want a whole season to go by without scoring any goals in the Champions League. Rumors are circulating that Man United striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, might be leaving England and joining Borussia Dortmund. Talks have already begun to that end.

Dortmund will likely be counting on Ronaldo to fill in for injured Sebastien Allais.Borussia Dortmund found an emergency solution to the issue of the striker by signing Frenchman Anthony Modeste, but with Modeste being 34-years-old, the club is unlikely to see as much success in their attacking line as compared to if they could have signed Cristiano Ronaldo.

A possible option for Ronaldo could be a return to Sporting Lisbon. However, this may be an impossible task on their end due to financial constraints.Recently Sporting won the Portuguese championship, and since then rumors of Cristiano’s return have been circulating. Now that it’s coming up to August 25th, they’re looking to be seeded from the third Champions League basket.Cristiano is an international soccer player and was first taught the game in Lisbon. While he has accomplished many feats, it’s only fitting that Portugal would be the place to call his playing career to a close.

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