One of the weaknesses of foldable smartphones has always been their battery life. Samsung has been the leader in this segment for a while now, which means it has put a lot of effort into solving this problem. It appears to have succeeded according to what you’re reading. Some users who have purchased the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 have noted an increase in battery life as compared to the Galaxy Z 3. Improvements in battery capacity combined with software changes mean that the device will run for 2 hours longer on a single charge. Confirms this and the test of the autonomy of the current flagships, conducted by the publication TechDroider. And the results were interesting:

Both the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 lasted longer on a single charge than the Galaxy S22 Ultra with its much larger 5000 mAh battery. Almost simultaneously with the clamshell, the OnePlus 10 Pro came out of the game, taking third place. Silver went to Xiaomi 12 Ultra with a 4,860 mAh battery, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max won with an hour (!) gap. And this despite the fact that its battery capacity is the second from the end among all the test subjects (4352 mAh).

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