Market analysts said they studied the exchange rate charts of all cryptocurrencies in the top 100 in terms of total asset supply. They noted: as of August 18, 2022, only 3 virtual currencies managed to add in value more than 1% per day. In their opinion, this points to the negative mood of the traders and negative expectations for further decisions of the representatives of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) concerning the steps to fight the growing inflation of the US dollar.

Analysts stressed: Celsius had the most successful indicator of the day. The platform’s CEL token gained 13.43% in the past 24 hours. It was trading at $2.76, reaching a capitalization of $658.4 million. Traders processed transactions worth $40.42 million.

The second place was taken by the cryptocurrency Monero. The XMR privacy coin climbed to the 27th line of the top list, adding 3.44% over the day. The virtual currency was trading at $168.67, while the total supply in the market was fixed at the value of $3.06 billion. The volume of daily transactions amounted to $180.49 million.

The third place in the list of profitability went to Flow. The FLOW native token broke into the top thirty, settling in 29th place. Its value was at $2.73, up 1.43% from one day ago. Market capitalization was $2.82 billion and trading volumes were $150.74 million.

Earlier, the editorial board reported: experts researched little-known startups among cryptocurrency projects from 401st to 500th positions and told about their profitability levels for the week of August 10 to 16, 2022. The best on the list was the digital token GXC Chain (GXC), whose rate added 37.87% over the period.

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