Dogecoin’s Level 2 Dogechain was introduced last week and spiked the price of DOGE. The NFT, gaming and DeFi features offered will make DOGE users happy.

The blockchain platform is not built on Dogecoin, but rather runs on the Polygon network. Future iterations of the use of DOGE would make it easier for one cryptocurrency to interact with other different cryptocurrencies.

Dogechain won’t just be useful when it comes to DOGE transfers. It will also provide a functionality for other blockchains to connect with it. Moreover, Dogecoin-using enterprises can use the platform to create their own DEI token and take part in the platform’s ICO round. Overall, Dogechain strives to bring more features and real-world

After a successful launch, the Dogechain platform has accumulated over 74,000 DOGE wallet addresses! You can find out more about this project by checking out their website.

Dogechain initially faced some difficulty due to the increased user activity. However, this was a short-term problem that ultimately passed and led to improvements on the network’s scalability.

Dogechain has seen some crazy activity over the past few days. The excitement around Dogechain has exploded the internet. The numbers are unbelievable.

The growth of DOGE price for the last seven days was as much as 18.7%, at the time of writing the price of token was $0.08241 USD

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