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There’s a unique allure in the world of basketball when players defy the odds, shooting from incredible distances to surprise opponents and thrill fans. This article will explore five of the most iconic long-distance shots in NBA history and their impact on the sport.

The Significance of Long-Distance Shots

While close-range shots and layups are fundamental to the game, long-distance shots offer an element of surprise and skill that can change the momentum of a game and leave an indelible mark on fans’ memories. They showcase a player’s prowess, precision, and confidence in their craft.

Five Memorable Long-Distance Moments

  • Stephen Curry vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (2016): In an electrifying moment, Curry launched from beyond half-court in overtime, marking his 12th three-pointer and securing the Warriors’ win.
  • Jerry West – 1970 NBA Finals: Known for his 60-foot game-tying shot against the Knicks, West’s iconic long-range basket remains a standout moment in NBA Finals history.
  • LeBron James vs. Orlando Magic (2009): LeBron’s fading 23-footer at the buzzer during the Eastern Conference Finals showcased his clutch ability, tying the series.
  • Damian Lillard vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (2019): With a deep three-pointer over Paul George, Lillard sealed a series win for the Trail Blazers in dramatic fashion.
  • Baron Davis vs. Boston Celtics (2001): With just 0.7 seconds left, Davis’ near full-court shot stunned the Celtics, marking a miraculous game-winner for the Hornets.

Impact on the Game and Fans

These shots aren’t just about scoring points; they’re about defining moments. Players who make these shots are often etched in history, not just for their skill but for their ability to perform under pressure. For fans, these moments become stories passed down through generations, exemplifying the magic of basketball.

Comparative Evaluation

While all these shots were long-range, their contexts differed. Curry’s shot showcased his revolutionary shooting ability, while West’s displayed sheer determination in a high-stakes Finals game. Lillard’s and LeBron’s shots were about clutch playoff performances, and Davis’ shot was sheer unpredictability.


Long-distance shots in basketball serve as a testament to a player’s skill, audacity, and the sheer unpredictability of the game. These moments remind us why we love basketball – for its ability to surprise, thrill, and inspire, one shot at a time.


  1. Q: How do players train for such long-distance shots?

    A: Beyond natural talent, players practice tirelessly, honing their technique, strength, and accuracy to make such shots feasible in high-pressure situations.

  2. Q: Are these shots more about skill or luck?

    A: While there’s an element of luck, the consistency with which some players make these shots suggests a high level of skill and practice behind them.

  3. Q: Which other players are known for their long-distance shooting?

    A: Besides the mentioned players, others like Trae Young, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant have showcased remarkable long-distance shooting skills in various games.

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