There is more to Thanasis Antetokounmpo’s story than basketball. It’s a stirring story of tenacity, ties to the family, and the bold attitude of having big dreams. This story takes the reader on a journey from the busy streets of Athens, where Thanasis initially learned how to dribble, to the shiny NBA courts, where he currently dunks in style.

Šœodest beginnings: the arena to Athens

It was in the center of busy modernity and ancient ruins of Athens that young Thanasis fell in love with basketball. His parents were immigrants from Nigeria, and his story of adversity inspired him to work hard. Eventually, scouts from the Greek team Aris saw him, and in 2011 he signed his first professional deal there.

European Basketball Goals: Developing Abilities

In 2013, Thanasis took a step into the world of professional basketball and continued to refine his abilities with the German team Bayer. During his two seasons in Germany, he averaged 10.4 points and 5.9 rebounds per game, which was a promising beginning that suggested a big story would soon be revealed.

A Fraternity in Bucks: The NBA Division

The year 2015 saw the realization of Thanasis’s basketball aspirations as he teamed up with his brother Giannis and joined the Milwaukee Bucks. The Antetokounmpo siblings’ synergy was more than simply family; it was a show that hoops fans anticipated each season.

An NBA Championship Hoop That Is Historical

Thanasis made history in the basketball world in 2021 when he became the first Greek player to win an NBA championship. His journey from Athens to an NBA Championship serves as an example of what can be accomplished when skill and perseverance are combined.

Outside the Court: Activities Other Than Basketball

The legacy of Antetokounmpo extends beyond basketball. Lately, Thanasis and his siblings made their debut in the American soccer scene when they became minority owners of the football team Nashville.

NEWS: Finalizing the Agreement with the Milwaukee Bucks

According to ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Thanasis’ devotion to the Milwaukee Bucks has been reignited with a two-year contract. This contract, which is worth $3 million a season, emphasizes how important Thanasis is to the dynamic of the club.

Last Game Statistics

Player Information

  • Physical Attributes:
    • Height: 6’7″ (2.01m)
    • Weight: 219lb (99kg)
    • Position: Forward
  • NBA Career:
    • Teams: Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks
    • NBA Championship: Won 1 NBA Championship in 2021 with the Milwaukee Bucks
    • NBA Draft: Selected in the 2nd Round, 51st pick overall in the 2014 NBA Draft.
  • International Career:
    • Represented Greece in international competitions.
    • Played for Panathinaikos in Greece before entering the NBA.

Player Statistics

Statistic Category 2022-2023 Season Career Averages (up till 2022-2023)
Points Per Game (PPG) 1.4 2.7
Rebounds Per Game (RPG) 1.2 1.8
Assists Per Game (APG) 0.4 0.6
Field Goal Percentage (FG%) N/A 50.7
Effective Field Goal Percentage (eFG%) N/A 51.9
Player Efficiency Rating (PER) N/A 10.8

Sum Up:

The story of Thanasis Antetokounmpo is a vivid illustration of the strength of tenacity, family, and big goals. With his renewed commitment to the Milwaukee Bucks, exciting basketball stories appear to be in store.


  1. Q: What was the initial platform that launched Thanasis Antetokounmpo’s basketball career?

    A: Thanasis Antetokounmpo’s basketball journey commenced in Athens, Greece, where he was first scouted by representatives from the Greek team Aris. His subsequent signing with Aris in 2011 marked the inception of his professional basketball career.

  2. Q: How did Thanasis’s performance in the European basketball leagues contribute to his NBA career?

    A: Thanasis honed his skills in European basketball leagues, notably with the German team Bayer, where he averaged 10.4 points and 5.9 rebounds per game over two seasons. His promising performance caught the eye of NBA scouts, ultimately facilitating his move to the NBA, where he joined the Milwaukee Bucks alongside his brother Giannis in 2015.

  3. Q: What notable achievement did Thanasis Antetokounmpo accomplish in the 2021 NBA season?

    A: In the 2021 NBA season, Thanasis Antetokounmpo achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Greek player to win an NBA Championship. His triumph not only marked a personal accomplishment but also showcased the culmination of his journey from the streets of Athens to the pinnacle of professional basketball in the NBA.

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