Market experts have analyzed the most profitable cryptocurrencies of the non-exchangeable token (NFT) sector over the past week from August 12 to August 18, 2022. They told: 4 virtual assets became more expensive by 30% or more during the reporting period. Among the most profitable altcoins were Gameswap (GSWAP), Chiliz (CHZ), Circuits of Value (COVAL) and UFO Gaming (UFO).

Cryptocurrency GSWAP was the undisputed leader of the past seven days, its value increased by 109.48%. The token was traded at $0.725, and the market capitalization of the digital coin reached $8.12 million. Experts stressed that this project is still in the ninth hundred of the rating of the best total supply of assets and has great prospects. It was voiced that this figure can overcome $100 million already in 2022.

The second place in the list of profitability of NFT-projects went to Chiliz fan-token. The native virtual asset of the site increased in price at once 42,28 % for the last week, having reached values of $0,216, and capitalization was fixed at $1,31 billion.

Another little-known token Circuits of Value rose in price by 36.44% in 7 days. The total supply of assets on the market amounted to $32.33 million at the cost of a virtual coin of $0.018. Analysts stressed that this startup is also extremely undervalued and has great prospects for capitalization increase.

Finally, the UFO token added 31.43% in value. It was traded at $0.0000048, and the total supply of virtual assets was fixed at the value of $124.56 million.

Earlier edition of reported: according to DappRadar, users showed increased interest in the digital collection of tokens NFT CryptoPunks. As of August 11 of this year, 10 transactions totaling more than $1.7 million had been made.

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